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23 Jul 2017

T5 Aquarium Lighting


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Posted By Courtney R.

T5 aquarium lighting is becoming one of the most popular forms of lighting for reef aquariums around the world, and you may find that this form of T5 lights is exactly what you need to get your aquarium set up. If you don't know much about this kind of light, don't worry. Read on to find out everything you need to know:

What it is:
T5 aquarium lights are one of the most efficient types of lights that you can use for your fish tank. Many fish tank owners in the past have had problems with getting sufficient lighting into their tanks. However, the invention of the T5 aquarium lights makes it possible for fish tank owners to provide more than enough light for their tanks. In fact, thanks to the T5 aquarium lighting, fish tank owners can actually keep clams, corals, and other marine animals that were only possible to keep if the tank had metal halide lighting.

How it works:
The T5 aquarium lighting uses a ballast that is built into the light fixture, and this ballast provides the fire for the bulbs. The metal halide lights usually use large ballasts that are found on the exterior of the lights, but the T5 lighting is much more convenient and compact thanks to the design of the lights with the ballast integrated into the lights.

Why to use it:
There are many reasons why T5 lighting is a much better choice for your aquarium than metal halide lights:

Reason 1: The cost is much lower - The cost of powering the bulbs is much lower, as the bulbs require less energy. This means that you will end up spending a lot less in electric bills every month.

Reason 2: There is less heat - Metal halide bulbs let off a lot of heat, meaning that an electric chiller is needed in order to maintain the proper temperature. However, the T5 lighting produces a lot less heat, meaning that it is highly unlikely that you will need a chiller.

Reason 3: They are more durable and efficient - The fixtures of a 250 watt halide bulb produce as much light as four to six T5 bulbs, but the colors of the T5 bulbs can easily be regulated. Add to that the fact that they can last as long as a year before needing to be changed, and the T5 bulbs are much more reliable.

Reason 4: They are easier to use - The weight of the T5 bulbs is much less than the metal halide lights, meaning that they require much less effort to hang.

One thing that makes the T5 bulbs so great is the fact that there is such a wide variety of them available. You can choose the colors that you want, the brightness of the bulbs, the width of the fixtures, and the wattages of the bulbs. All of these things combine to make the T5 lights a lot easier for you to use, and you will find that working with these bulbs will make your aquarium look much more beautiful at a much lower cost.


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