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4 Jul 2017

Starting Your Own Aquarium


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Posted By Roland H.

Setting up an aquarium is easy to do and a satisfying way of entering into the fascinating hobby of keeping fish. You can enjoy the ease of a freshwater fish community or venture into the more demanding realm of a salt-water aquarium. The color and movement of aquarium fish will liven up any room and provide a relaxing background to your busy day.

The first step to setting up an aquarium is to buy the aquarium and equipment youll need. Decide on how big your aquarium will be. Aquariums are rated in size by the number of gallons of water they hold. Once you settle on the size of your aquarium youll be able to pick up the right-sized filter, air pump, submersible thermometer and heater. These accessories are necessary and specifically designed for specific aquarium sizes.

Set up your equipment properly. Fill the tank to within an inch of the top edge with bottled water. If you choose to use tap water youll have to eliminate the harmful chlorine that is in all drinking water except for bottled water. You can remove chlorine from tap water by using tablets designed for the purpose or by letting the full aquarium sit for twenty-four hours without a cover. The chlorine will rise from the water as a gas and the water will be safe to use. Make sure your heater is working and keeping the water warm. Your pump should be creating bubbles from the tube and air stone on the bottom of the tank. Your filter will be either a bottom model or one that hangs on the side of the tank. Make certain its moving water through and that you have the right charcoal and angel hair combination inside of the unit.

Purchase your live plants and put them into the aquarium. Though live vegetation isnt necessary it can perform a vital function for your new fish community. Live plants provide additional oxygen while at the same time eliminating the carbon dioxide fish create in the water, create a sense of security and serve as an additional source of food.

Youre now ready for your fish. Buy them from a reputable pet dealer and make sure your fish are compatible with each other. Add the fish to the tank by floating the plastic bag in the water for several minutes to allow the temperature inside the bag to match that in the aquarium. Let your fish swim free and watch as they acclimate themselves to their new surroundings. Wait until the next day to begin a feeding routine and youre well on your way to enjoying your new hobby.


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