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API Stress Coat Water Conditioner, 64-Ounce

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Product Description

This product has a great performance, quality and price. Removes chlorine.. Detoxifies heavy metals.. Keep out of reach of children.. For use on ornamental fish only.. Not for use on fish intended for human consumption.. Use when setting up an aquarium, handling or adding fish, or when changing water.. Manufacturer: MARS FISHCARE NORTH AMER


  • Removes chlorine & chloramines
  • Detoxifies heavy metals
  • The healing power of Aloe Vera
  • Proven to reduce fish stress
  • Replaces slime coat


Removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals to make tap water safe for fish. Contains Aloe Vera, which promotes healing and regeneration of damaged fish tissue and forms a synthetic slime coat to help prevent electrolyte loss. Proven to reduce fish stress, which can result from changing water, poor water quality and handling fish. High stress levels can cause a weakened immune system and poor health. STRESS COAT is proven to reduce fish stress by 40%.


  • Add 5 ml per 10 U.S. gallons (38 L) of aquarium water. Double the dose to replace slime coat and to repair damaged skin and fins.

API makes it simpler

Follow the API EASY CARE GUIDE steps to simply care abour your aquarium.

Start up & Change Water: Tap water contains chemicals, such as chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, which are harmful to fish. Use STRESS COAT when starting a new aquarium and whenever changing or adding water.

Makes tap water safe

Adding Fish: The transition from store to home is stressful for fish. When fish are stressed, they can lose their protective slime coat, which makes them susceptible to disease. STRESS COAT acclimate & protect fish.

Proven Efficacy

Testing proves that STRESS COAT reduces stress in fish
Stress is the leading cause of poor health and disease in aquarium and pond fish. Fish are stressed by netting, bagging, fighting and poor water quality. A fish's slime coat protects against disease and helps heal small wounds but is often disturbed by netting, fighting and accidental scrapes. Stressed fish are highly susceptible to disease problems because their immune system is suppressed. When fish are stressed their body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a measurable indicator of fish stress. Corticol is released into the aquarium waters through gills and urine.

In this test goldfish were netted and moved to a series of individual aquariums. Next half of the fish were treated with STRESS COAT and half were untreated. The stress hormone cortisol was measured over time in treated and untreated aquariums. THe results showed a statistically significant 40% reduction in cortisol in the STRESS COAT-treated fish compared to the untreated fish.

STRESS COAT promotes healing of damaged tissue
In another test fish with similar wounds were separated into two groups. One group was treated with STRESS COAT. The second group was left untreated. Veterinarians later examined the wounded tissue and determined that the STRESS COAT treated fish had healed significantly faster than the untreated fish.

STRESS COAT with Aloe contains natural healing proteins and minerals, similar to a fish's natural slime coat. STRESS COAT replaces a fish's damaged slime coat with a protective healing layer or natural aloe extract. STRESS COAT acts as a bandage, speeding the healing of damaged tissue.

Other Items to Consider when Starting an Aquarium
or Changing Water:


  • Allows instant addition of fish
  • Immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle
  • Reduces harmful ammonia and nitrite at start up
  • Helps prevent fish loss


  • Promotes fish health
  • Promotes healthy gill function; improves fish respiration
  • Adds essential electrolytes fish need to reach peak coloration and health
  • Promotes disease recovery

Features & Highlights

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Stress Coat. Animal Health Supplies
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Manufacturer part number: 85J


Mars Fishcare Inc.
Mars Fishcare

Size & Weight

Item Weight:
1 pounds
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7 x 7 x 7 inches
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3.4 pounds
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6.61 x 3.31 x 3.31 inches
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